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Why Do People Wear Butt Plugs?

Now something a lot of people ask us is why do people wear butt plugs? This is a very good question. Now, physically speaking, the anus is packed full of nerve endings and this makes it super sensitive to touch. So people wear butt plugs because they feel good.

What Are Butt Plugs Used For?

what are butt plugs for

Not only does the anus contain a considerable number of nerve endings which make it sensitive, but there is also one very important key nerve which runs right past your rectum and chances are you've already experienced a lot of pleasure from this specific nerve already, even having not explored anal before.

This nerve is called the pudendal nerve, now I'm going to try and not touch too much on the science or medical terms here, but I think it's always worth knowing the ins and outs of your ins and your outs. These plugs work almost just like anal beads which you can see how to use beads in your butt for maximum pleasure and orgasm.

What Do Butt Plugs Do To Pleasure You?

So your pudendal nerve which actually starts quite deep inside of you is the nerve that is completely responsible for you being able to feel anything in your penis or your clitoris.

It's also responsible for the pleasure or sensation you can feel in your perineum and your anus. This vital nerve, in both men and women, branches into something which we call the dorsal nerve of the penis or the clitoris, and without this nerve, you wouldn't be able to feel anything in those areas.

The pudendal nerve also supplies sensation to the scrotum or the labia. It's also responsible for clitoral and penile erections, and without it, you wouldn't be able to ejaculate. Basically, without this super important nerve, genital sexual pleasure would be a no-go as would continence, but we're not going to get into that today.

How Do Butt Plugs Actually Work?

So now you know what that nerve is, why is it relevant to what we're going to talk about today?

Well, this nerve runs straight past your rectum, so when you insert something like a butt plug, it perfectly stimulates this area and carries that pleasure through all of your genital regions and this is why butt plugs feel so good.

Now there are loads of anal toys on the market which stimulate this area, amazingly butt plugs are particularly popular and the reason why butt plugs are so popular for this is that they're specifically designed to sit in this area comfortably and stimulate right where you need it.

Also, because butt plugs are designed to anchor themselves in which enables the toy to stay in place without you holding it. This means it leaves your hands-free for other stimulation. A lot of people who enjoy using butt plugs, enjoy it when you stimulate their clitoris or penis at the same time because what this does, is it intensifies the sensation that the butt plug is providing.

As you now know your special nerve runs straight on this area and into your main area of genitalia while wearing a butt plug.

So stimulating here at the same time is going to be mind-blowing. Additionally, a butt plug can make the wearer feel more full, which for a lot of people is an extremely arousing sensation in itself.

Now, whilst everyone's got a butt hole and everyone's got a pudendal nerve, there are some differences in the way that men and women can get the most from their buttocks. For women wearing a butt plug, penetrative sex will make her feel more full and actually tightens her vaginal canal.

This means that no matter what's penetrating her, whether it be a penis or a sex toy, is going to be aimed directly towards her g-spot, which is clearly going to make for some pretty cool orgasms. In addition, wearing a butt plug during sex offers a second point of stimulation, which for a lot of women, is the key to climax. For men, wearing a butt plug is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the prostate which is often dubbed as the male g-spot.

Specially designed butt plugs which feature a pronounced curve, are perfect for stimulating the pee spot or prostate.

Many prostate massagers are also designed to be worn as hands-free toys. So simply clenching your butt cheeks will actually push the toy inside you and massage the area even more effectively. This means that whether you wear one on its own or during masturbation or sex, you're going to be getting that dual stimulation which works.

According to guys, it feels pretty damn good for them too. Now, beyond the key differences I've just mentioned, the anus itself is pretty much the same for men and women, so we're particularly looking at pleasure like rimming or shallow insertion that a butt plug provides.

This is one of the few genital areas that, no matter whether you're in a straight relationship or a same-sex relationship you, can actually experience a very similar pleasure and this is both physically and psychologically quite a thrill. It can be a lot of fun knowing your partner is experiencing something that you've experienced yourself.

To top it all off, for a lot of people, all anal exploration still feels kind of naughty and when you feel like you're being a bit naughty this can actually heighten your arousal, your turn-on, and your satisfaction. Butt plugs are an amazing beginners toy to be able to sample this naughtiness for yourself.

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