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Best Quality Beads For Anal Sex

We understand that everyone has a fetish, but some really love big anal beads a lot more than any of the other toys on YoloSexToys. Take a look at our wide selection of glass string beads for your ass, ranging from huge metal vibrating kinds to large beads for dirty lesbian and straight sex.

Huge Selection Of Vibrating Beads For Ass Play

We've got all sizes, from small beginners and first-time teen girls, all the way to the giant professionals. If you've been trying to find the best quality long beads to insert in your butt, look no further. Most women who review our toys say that it's easier to reach an extreme orgasm when using our special massive beads.

How To Use Anal Beads? 

how to use anal beads

I hope by the end of this post, you'll know what they are, how to use them and how they can spice up your sex life. Alone or with a partner, anal beads, as the name suggests, is a string of beads for your anus. They tend to be flexible, which means you can insert quite a lot of length because it will move with the shape of your body. You have a small bead at the end, which usually builds up to a larger one.

What Are Anal Beads Used For & How They Work?

If you're somebody who's got a vagina and you enjoy being penetrated with a penis, they'll be able to feel that sort of ribbing from the beads. The way to make the most out of your anal beads is to actually to remove them slowly during your climax.

So just as you're heading towards that point of no return, remove the beads and what this does is it stimulates your insides, which intensifies the orgasm. This is a top trick for using these if you didn’t know already.

These beads are great for all genders because, as we know, everyone has a bum.

If you are quite experienced at inserting, you may even be able to start off with a slightly larger girth set of beads. This is going to be really easy for you to get inside of your butt and on that retrieval, when it comes to that point at the climax when you remove your anal beads, it will get more and more intense as you remove them.

Again, it's all about finding the anal beads that provide the right type of stimulation and the right type of sensations for you. Something I should point out about this is, yes, most beads you can buy are long but you don't have to insert all of the beads if you don’t want to because they've usually got this little neck between them. It's quite all right just to insert three, four or five.

I think a lot of people freak out when they see really long sets of beads, not knowing that you can actually how to insert these beads.

You do need to practice and with something that has only got three beads on it, is perfect for starters. You're only having to sort of fight (so to speak) with three beads to get them in, so you basically get a bit of practice without having to go all out.

The next thing you're going to want to have handy is a good anal lubricant. You can get loads of different types of lube. Specially designed anal lube tends to be thicker and formulated to be longer-lasting. Don't use spit because spit is water-based and it's absorbed by your skin really quickly.

Since the anus isn't self-lubricating, it does need a helping hand. Place a decent amount of lube on the toy and on yourself and go really slowly, especially if you're a beginner because you want to get used to all those new sensations a little bit at a time.

You don't want to just rush it. You weren’t running before you could walk, so being slow and steady wins the anal race.

It's also worth noting that although a lot of these anal beads, as we said at the beginning, start with a really small taper tip the flexibility is something to take into account on insertion. So we'd still recommend you do a warm-up prior, so even though they might be thin and actually slimmer than your finger, we'd still say it's worth a practice session first with a butt plug or a finger and some lube.

It just helps those muscles relax, which will mean there's less resistance when you're trying to insert a flexible toy. In summary, anal beads are a flexible beaded toy for your anus and they're great for heightening orgasms during sex.

You should always slowly insert them and take them out at the point of climax. You get loads of different types, such as shorter ones, big thick ones and small skinny ones. If you have anything you want to say, please drop a comment of your own down below!

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