What Is Lovetron 9000?

Using safety-proven materials commonly used in medical implants. Lovetron9000 is implanted just beneath the skin of your pelvis. And emanates a passionate vibration that connects you to your partner. This is the future we see at Yolo Sex Toys as the modern day adult toys. It is basically a vibrator built into the men's penis.

Designed as an implant for men, its core purpose is to provide stimulation for the pleasure centers of your partner, and enhance the shared experience of lovemaking. Its impact-resistant design endures vigorous friction, and offers a diversity of stimulating textures, speeds, and vibrations for your lover’s enjoyment. As a special feature, the rhythmic vibrations pulsing from your body can even be synced to your favorite music. If you really think about it that cock ring will stimulate your partners clitoris, is what this does internally to both sides for couples.

Thanks to Lovetron9000’s wireless inductive charging, you’ll never need to change the batteries, and charging time takes only 20 minutes for every half-hour of lovemaking. The implant itself is installed effortlessly in less than 15 minutes, and is ready for sensual play after a mere two weeks’ wait.

Whether for yourself or for your partner, whether your love life needs a new spark or just a new way to play, we guarantee you haven’t experienced anything like Lovetron yet.