How To Use A Cock Ring & Choose One

How To Use A Cock Ring & Choose One

We’re here to give you a quick guide about how to use our cock rings.

These penis rings usually are used by guys for three different reasons, either they want to maintain an erection longer or they want a harder erection, or they're just interested in a new sensation during sex. The main thing is if you're a penis ring novice, is to be sure you have to get one that's a quick release or one that's made of a really stretchy material. This rings work really well after learning to use a penis pump to keep your erection strong after pumping.

As you can see these almost look like little rubber hair ties.

They're so unassuming but what you basically do is you apply a little bit of lube to the penis and you slide these right over. It’s a lot easier if you have a flaccid penis because then that way it gives you a little more room for error. You basically just slide it to the bottom to the base of the penis and for instance, this one's actually got a clitoral stimulator attached to it. Once it's on the base of the penis it, traps the blood flow, which is what allows men to have a more rigid harder erection.

The main thing is just don't keep it on too long.

You want to make sure that the sensation is comfortable for you. Now if you're with a partner, a female in particular, they've got these really great penis rings that have clitoral stimulator built within them, so again, really stretchy material you would roll it onto the base of the penis and then there's this little extra piece of jelly material here you can either keep in front of the scrotum or behind. It just gives you additional vibration through the jelly material and then you've got these soft little nubs with the vibrator inserted here so you can be in positions that wouldn't normally hit the clitoris.

Both of you can get off man and the woman

It’s a really great option if you get to the point where you feel like you can't remove the ring quickly enough, don't panic. Usually you apply a little bit of ice onto your dick, and it will come down, which will help you remove the ring. It's a really nice men adult toys option for men who experience erectile difficulties, because it can help you maintain your erection for long periods of time. YoloSexToys aims to help all new and experienced adult toy users on how to use these toys with detailed guides and explanations.

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