How To Go Down On A Lesbian

How To Go Down On A Lesbian

Today we are talking about something that everybody wants to know more about and it's how to go down on a lesbian woman.

This is made for lesbians, but if you want to share this guide with your guy friends, feel free to because we're about to help y'all get laid. First and foremost, consent is the number one most important tip. So you want to make sure that you're both on the same page and that you're both ready to take it a little bit further. Dont forget to ask for consent if you planning to use a strap on or dildo toy, we don't want her to freak out either.

Once you get consent, I would say tease her into it by starting off slow with kissing.

Do a lot of caressing and touch her a lot. You want to get her warmed up. You want to get her craving more than just your hands touching her hips and such. Yes, she should already be a little wet down there. You know this is not about a destination type of event, this is more so a long a journey. You guys are made to enjoy each other the whole time, so take it as slow as you need to. Make sure you’re both ready because you want her craving you. You want her almost needing you and there is nothing sexier than when a lesbian woman really wants you to do something. You don't want to just dive right into the main event, you want to kiss around her body and around her thighs or stomach, and tease her a little bit.

I’m going to get a little graphic with you guys, but the area like right above her crotch (like the inside of your thighs) are super sensitive.

If you guys want to linger there for a little bit, you can be very sexy without even going down on her yet. I would say a lot of light touches, a lot of caressing, warm up her whole body if you can. Starting with her nipples, going down for her chest and then down to her stomach. Those sweet tender spots. If you're doing a good job teasing her, then I mean she might just grab your head and put it where she wants it. You might just want it so badly that it kind of just goes there. Something that I've learned is, the more that you act like you're enjoying it, the more that you make noise and the more that you both verbalize that you're enjoying it, it'll make them relax. In my opinion, for a woman to orgasm, she has to be emotionally, spiritually and physically there. You want to make sure all those three things are really leading up to that point.

There are women that can be super self-conscious about someone going down for multiple reasons.

You want her to feel relaxed and you're not going to have her feel relaxed if you're super quiet. If the body touch of hers is really working to relax her, keep doing that. Honestly, going down on a girl is probably the favorite sex act for lesbians. You don't have to act like you're enjoying it, but if you are actually enjoying it, don't be shy. You want to go slow, you want to be soft and make sure that she likes it too. Don't be shy to get right up in there and use all of your mouth and all of your face too, then makes things interesting and grab your favorite vibrator to stimulate her some more. Use your hands if you want to and be ready for that. There are multiple ways of going down on a girl and some include your hand, licking with your mouth and some include both.

The first thing I would say is, you can do a style where your mouth is on her pussy and you're only using your tongue, kind of going in circles around her clit.

You could also do it where you're using almost your whole face and kind of like a dog licking it. Also, try using your whole body and motioning upwards and giving her an up-and-down motion and maybe switch it up by doing some horizontal movements. Any of those three or a combination of those three will work best. Don't be afraid to use your hands as well, to maybe add a little pressure to her abdomen and push up a little bit. Start with a finger and once you start to feel her warm up to that, you can go into two fingers. Go as far as she wants but do not just dive in there, start slow with that and ease her into it. Don't necessarily focus too much on making your partner orgasm because that can add pressure to the situation.

Just make sure that you're both enjoying it and that you stay connected, and that you keep checking in with your partner to see if they like what you’re doing to them.

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