How To Choose The Perfect Sex Toy?

How To Choose The Perfect Sex Toy?

Welcome to this week's amazing sex toys guide.

I’m here to tell you the top 7 things you need to think about before you buy a sex toy. Now in case, you don't know who I am I'm the owner of YoloSexToys. So hopefully I can give you a helping hand when buying a brand new sex toy. Now whether you're buying a sex toy for yourself or for someone else, and whether it's a first toy or your 15th, all of these tips still apply.

So it’s really handy to know these few things.

Number one, who are you buying the sex toy for. So firstly, is it for you or is it for somebody else, and secondly, are they male or are they female? This is going to have a huge impact on the type of toy you buy. Whilst some toys are unisex, like bullet vibrators and butt plugs, others are not. For example, strokers and egg vibrators as well.

What do you want to use your toys?

Number two, which body part would you like to stimulate? Now, this breaks into two main categories. Do you want to play internally or externally, and if you're playing externally is it still simply genital stimulation or is this something you want to be able to use all over the body. Once you've decided where you'd like to play, you need to consider whether there are any rules about this kind of play. For example, anal toys should always feature a flared base.

Do you prefer vibrating or non-vibrating toys?

Number three, to vibe or not to vibe, that is the question. Now, as you're probably aware, vibrating toys are very popular but that's not to say that you have to go for something which vibrates. Dildos are equally as popular. So if you're going to go for something which does vibrate, you'll need to think about the volume of those vibrations. How powerful they are and whether or not you need that toy to be waterproof. Whether you go for something which vibrates or not, you'll always need to think about the shape and whether it's going to be suitable for the type of player you'd like to explore. For example, some toys have a suction cup and some don’t.

What are your toys made out of?

Number four is materials. Sex toys are made using many different materials nowadays. For example, hard plastic, skin-safe rubber, glass, silicon, metal and many more. Whilst you need to consider whether you or your partner are going to like a particular material, you also need to consider allergies. For example, some toys do contain latex or perhaps even nickel. Clearly, if you've got an allergy to one of those things, it's best to just steer clear. Additionally, we always recommend you use lubricant with any sex toy and just bear in mind that not all lubes are compatible with all toys. We will always tell you which lube is best for the particular toy you're looking at, but if you're in doubt, just go for water-based lube because it's safe with everything.

Do you have a big enough budget?

Number five, how much do you want to spend? As with most things, money and quality tend to go hand-in-hand, however, that's not to say you can't grab yourself a bargain at the same time.

Have you used any sex toys before?

Number six is your experience level. Now, I think we're all a bit guilty now and again of having eyes bigger than our belly, but contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better. One of the most common reasons we get a product returned is because it's just far too big. So stick with what you know. If you're buying for yourself, you probably have an idea of what you can accommodate for an internal toy and if you're buying for a partner, basically go for something realistic. If you're a man that's buying a toy for your partner, go for something that's a similar size to you. There's a big difference between receiving something that's really rather cute and something huge and scary looking.

Discuss a few things with your partner before buying!

Number seven, do you already know whether you or your partner like realistic toys or not? Are they a tactile person? Take all of this into account when you're shopping for them or yourself. If you know this person already owns sex toys and you've got permission to look in their toy box, then go with something that's similar to what they already own. If they have loads of purple toys, go for something purple and if they have a favorite toy they bring out a lot for playtime, again take that as a top tip. As to what they like, if you're buying somebody their first toy, then it's best to stick with something simple. Our top tip would be to go for something like a bullet vibrator, which is marketed mostly towards women.

So those are the top seven things you need to think about before you buy a sex toy.

Who are you buying it for? What part of the body are you going to use it on? Should it vibrate? What's it made of? How much does it cost? How to use them as well? What's your or your partner's experience level? What do they like the most? Once you've figured out the answer to all of those questions, shopping becomes really easy. Make sure you take a good look at the pictures, the product description, and the specifications. We always give you all of the measurements and material details you need at the bottom of the product description. Check our satisfied customer reviews so that you don't need to take our word for it. We have got loads of reviews which come in from members of the public letting you know whether or not the product is any good. You can check our other guides for extra tips on other stuff too. Basically a more detailed version of what I've just given you. Also, don't forget, you can speak to one of us and we’ll be more than happy to give you the rundown on getting down and dirty.

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