A Beginners Guide To Male Chastity

The concept of chastity is age-old.

Whilst reference has been primarily aimed towards women, males device chastity is a modern concept that is growing in popularity Today let's take a look at male chastity and how you can get started right away. While the concept of chastity has its roots in ensuring the virtue of women, there has also been an age-old practice of avoiding male ejaculation. In fact, its health benefits were highly regarded by Taoist teachings, according to early Taoist philosophers such as Lao Tzu. Now once you get freed from the cage just learn how to use a pump and start getting big.

Conserving one's vital fluid led to longevity. These days there are many who preach chastity as the means of health and those who are firmly against it. In this modern world, technology provides a far more interesting way to engage with it. What was once considered a health practice, is now fetishized and enjoyed in a number of ways. Focusing just on male device chastity, these are the three common practices that we’ve come across.

First and foremost, it's used as a method of power exchange.

The device acts to remove the obsession over the penis into faithfulness and provide control over any pleasure to another. In modern times BDSM has embraced male chastity as a direct method of this power play. Intimate relationships are then enhanced when the manhood of one party is taken away, and the focus is on the pleasure of the other. There is, of course, the desiring contentment with the release of control to someone else. There are other ways to enjoy chastity however and for some, it's a means to enhance sexual drive. The cage is now a constant reminder for desire. In fact, the frustration of feeling the struggle within the cage and the intensity of this denial can create an experience that becomes almost addictive over time.

Now the main feature of this form of chastity is the actual focus on the locked appendage.

The penis becomes the centerpiece rather than something to be covered and forgotten. Now, another way one may enjoy chastity devices is as a method of feminization. In this respect, the manhood is locked away and removed, so the individual can explore sexuality in other ways. For some, the release is achieved through prostate stimulation. For others, there is pure enjoyment in dressing and acting as the true sissy. Me personally prefer just a simple cock ring to keep my self super hard. Of course, there are numerous ways to enjoy chastity.

While there are many people who are all for the practice, there are also some who question safety.

The main way in which the chastity devices can propose health issues is via the spread of infection due to poor hygiene, chafing and incorrect sizing. As long as you're attentive to the state of your body, you can easily avoid any potential issues. To do so, ensure you take into account, your lifestyle and purchasing a comfortable device. Do you plan to wear it long term? What types of sports do you enjoy? Do you travel frequently? For instance, metal devices are fantastic for long-term wear but don't hold well for athletes or for those who fly regularly. Now once you have the right device, keeping it clean is the most important task you must adhere to on a regular basis with no exceptions.

For those who are curious about chastity but who are unsure of taking the next step, here's how you can gauge your potential tolerance to a device.

Find yourself a clean sock or an empty toilet roll and some sports tape. Keep in mind that the toilet roll will provide more restriction than a sock. You're going to secure the toilet roll to your lower abdomen using the sports tape. If in the rare occasion it doesn't fit, you can always cut it and use more sports tape to create a slightly larger device. With good quality sports tape, you can safely wear this combination for an entire day, hey maybe even two days. Of course, do make sure you remove it before going to the bathroom. While I admit that it is a poor substitute for the real thing, this exercise will allow you to familiarise yourself with the restriction of external objects over your manhood.

If you've taken the plunge and found yourself with the right device, then you're sure to enjoy a lot of fucking fun.

Many devices may come with a locking mechanism or have a space in which you can place an additional lock. A quick word of warning here from personal experience, I would highly suggest that you use a disposable plastic lock or a simple cable tie. If you don't have access to numerous spare keys, losing your key can provide stress you simply don't need in your life. Taking it to the next level involves the acquisition of a custom-made device. It's a larger investment but definitely worthwhile if you plan to make chastity a big part of your life. Now whether you're a lover of the practice or just curious, there are devices to suit all budgets and all lifestyles.

Do your research, try it out and if you find that it's not for you, well at least you gave it a go. No matter what your interests are, keep it consensual, keep it fun and most importantly keep it safe!

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